An Omnipotent God Cannot Be Omniscient.

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10 July 2011 10:33

An Omniscient God cannot change His mind.

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11 July 2011 09:18
Joe Mello - 11 July 2011 12:27 AM

So says you. If God exists, what does that make you?

To make great claims about who God is, while not taking into account that your mind would only be a reflection of God’s mind; that your reason trapped in time would be many times the opposite of your reason enjoying the benefits of eternity; and you are thinking as a contingent being thinks—well, it makes you sound rather stupid.

A Created Being Cannot Be The Measure Of Truth.

But if you still think yourself some sort of “thinker”, then think on this: If an omnipotent God exists, then this God’s existence must be his essence. “He is who is.”


Ok…...this isn’t rocket science.
Let’s say that God changes his mind.
If He were omniscient He would have known before hand that He was going to change His mind.
If He knew before He changed His mind that He was going to change His mind there is no need for Him to change His mind.

There is a very good reason that the conceptual mind creates a god that is beyond its own understanding.

That places God in a safe spot beyond common sense.

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11 July 2011 14:35
Joe Mello - 11 July 2011 06:05 PM

Your reasoning is flawed. When you say God cannot change his mind, you must be talking about some biblical passage or event, or certainly some episode within the history of the universe. God’s mind, as theologians have put forth for centuries, is an instantaneous act. What God thinks happens at the same moment. There is no passage of time between. Why? Because time, and space, and the whole universe exists within God, not the other way around. In fact, time does not even exist outside of human experience. And even our experience of time is seriously flawed—we can’t even look at an object at the exact moment it is there, for the distance between us and the object dictates when we see it.

An omnipotent God can do anything he wants, while we are stuck in place and floating in “time”. So you are looking at God through a foggy lens, and believing yourself to be brilliantly clear. There is a time to create and a time to destroy. These times are not a change in the mind of God, but a change in the weakness of creation.

Furthermore, the will, ours and God’s, has two qualities—it acts and it allows. What you see as a change in the mind of God (therefore no God can exist—the actual point you are trying to make) when you see contradictions in scripture is actually God acting upon his creation and then allowing things to happen because of the freedom he gives to this creation.

This is greater and deeper than rocket science. This is why you, and mostly everyone on this website, cannot grasp it. Indeed, you spit out such understanding of God because it does not fit into your agenda—i.e., “I am so much smarter than any believer because I think on my own…and I will never listen to some religious mumbo jumbo…and I can’t see God so he must not be there…and on and on and on and on…”


Have you read the Bible?
One small example:
God asks Abraham to slit his son’s throat….....and then He changes His mind.
There are many more.
He had to know what Abraham was going to do even before He ask… the entire episode is a sham.
If you don’t accept the God of Abraham…’ll have to invent a new one.
And I hope that He….or She… not as narrow minded as the one they came up with two thousand years ago.
What do you think about starting off with a Smurf as a prototype?

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19 July 2011 08:13
Joe Mello - 12 July 2011 07:56 PM

Again, your reasoning is flawed. By you “believing” that God is only a concept made up in the mind, and then moving on from this “belief” to rationalize a bunch of nonsense theories about this conceptualized God is for you to use circular reasoning.

You do not know that God does not exist, you only believe this to be true. You throw out centuries of witnesses to the contrary and all the history that followed scripture and fulfilled it, such as Abraham’s obedience to God resulting in Judaism.

For you to pompously wake up one day with a great wisdom that scoffs at the Judeo-Christian tradition as based upon lies and fantasy is ridiculous. You fail to recognize that the obedience of Abraham and Jesus became two great religions and have influenced humanity up to this very day. No lie or fantasy could ever have such devotion and longevity attached to it.

You would deny your atheism at the least threat to yourself. And this is proof that it is your atheism that is a fantasy.

You want “proof” that God is real and the Bible is actually the inspired work of the spirit of the living God, then open your eyes and shut your mouth, you dumb bastard.


Keep your Bronze Age gods.
Beg them to intercede on your behalf.
Imagine that your mental blueprint is an accurate representation of the way things are.

But know that prayer….....all prayer… a denial of your god’s omnipotence.
Know that everything that occurs in conceptual thought…...including the mind’s gods and demons…...exists only as a swirling synaptic brain-stew.
I know this brings up fear that results in aggressive behavior and name calling.
Sit back…...relax….....and know that no one… one has absolutely any idea what is going on…...where we came from…....
...what we are doing and why….....
And know that you will never know.
Know that is it impossible to know.
Melt into the Great Unknown-Unknowable and leap into raw sentience of simply being.

You are the apex of awareness.
You are the best that Life has to offer.
You piddle away your allotted time whimpering to your imaginary God
and attacking anything that threatens your personal delusion.

And all the time the greatest show in manifestation flows out in front of who you are.

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