Anyone seen the Curiosity show with Steven Hawking?

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08 August 2011 13:37

I wanted to see if anyone saw the TV show Curiosity?  I would like to have other thoughts on it .  In it Steven Hawking lays out his theory for that suggests there is no need for a god.  I thought it was a good attempt to disprove god but honestly I was left with more questions than answers. 
A lot of his theory depends on antimatter. And states that the big bang was when antimatter was translated into matter (please correct me if I have misunderstood anything) and that this was when the universe and time itself came to be.  But this leaves so many questions; is this transfer possible and does this mean that antimatter has an eternal existence?  We no something can’t be created from nothing. So something has had to always been there. Is that the case with this antimatter?  And how does this theory fit in with the multiverse theory?
I found him a little arrogant at the end suggesting that he answered the ultimate question and that that was the end of it.  But in my mind even though the theory of antimatter has been around for a while we have just in the past year or so found evidence of it.  There is a lot that we don’t know about it.  There is a lot that we don’t know about our universe and I think it is a little premature to close the book. And also another thing I have learned through my many math classes there is a lot that we can do mathematically on paper that is technically impossible physically.
What are your thoughts?

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10 August 2011 10:39

I caught the tail end but saw the round table discussion with David Gregory.  I wish Sam Harris or Michael Shermer were there to draw some blood.  Nobody nailed the Christian theologian.  He’s accepts science and talks about cosmology but nobody said, “hey, wait a minute, you believe a guy was crucified and resurrected on this very planet and we’re supposed to have a serious scientific debate?!”  It’s tougher to nail the slippery new age mystics like Deepak who conveniently slip in and out of spooky dimensions and multi-verses.  Watching the last third or so of the Hawking segment, it seemed sort of abrupt when he drew his final conclusions.  I’ve got to catch a repeat.

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29 August 2011 00:58

steven hawking is just a lot of psychobabble if you ask me. There may not be a God or there may be, but I certainly don’t go looking to him for answers. Rolex Replica Watches

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