Sam's Recommended Reading List
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Ideally, (for me at least), it would be topical (reading material on X, reading material on Y ... ), with an emphasis on Eastern ideologies (I'm personally most curious about Taoism).




“We say, ‘Love your brother…’ We don’t say it really, but… Well we don’t literally say it. We don’t really, literally mean it. No, we don’t believe it either, but… But that message should be clear.”—David St. Hubbins

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I had just wanted to know if a god existed. I new about evolution when Iwas 10.I did not know about theistic evolution.At 16, I read Nathaniel Branden’S existence is passage[It is now in Stein’s anthology on atheism.]. I still wondered had to read and ponder for 42 years on athiesm.Now I blog every where in favor of atheism/naturalism. I still do not care to discuss religion with anyone otherwise. I never had any regrets about being a believer in reality,not mumbo-jumbo.  I never had thought I needed a god.It was just to know.I never needed an after life. Wha t is fortunate ,although I have a schyzotypal personality disorder,supposed to have weird ideas,I not only deny a god ,but the paranormal.

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