Admin, is it possible to ban certain words?

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27 May 2007 21:38

I have noticed that certain words gets "rewritten" when used in a text. Can we use this to get rid of the 15-posts-a-time spammers?

I for one would not miss the use of the words "jerking" or "anjelina" and so on.

Would it be possible to put a ban on those words so the posts containing them gets deleted by default?

I don't mind not being able to type the word "boobs" for a while.

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02 June 2007 16:02
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02 June 2007 17:26

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Oh this is just insulting to see spam show up like that on a post dealing with idea generation for ridding the forum of spam.

Admin, we still have no ability to delete spam in Forum requests yet!!  free us!!

Unleash the hounds!!


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07 June 2007 15:08

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