"No posts exist for this topic"

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18 June 2007 10:28

On the "A Thought Experiment…" thread, there are 11 pages of posts listed, and I keep getting reply notifications, but when I try to open the last page of the thread, clicking on the number 11 under "Go To Page", i get "No posts exist for this topic".

When i follow the link in the reply notification e-mail, I get "The topic or post you requested does not exist".

The thread still lists 11 pages, but the last one I can open is 10.

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18 June 2007 10:43

What is happening is that spammers are posting in these threads things like “See hot girls getting dicked” and spam fighters, such as myself, delete them. You get a message about a reply, but the reply is porn. That is why you get the “no post exists” message. It got deleted by spam fighters. smile