Myths in the Torah and the universal deluge.

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There is very little that is original in the creation mythology of the OT which is largely a borrowed from the Babylonian and Sumerian canon; this is exactly what you would expect from a small Iron Age semi nomadic peoples with a scribe or two to the name. The biggest difference is the addition of a patriarchal edge which is uncommon in Bronze Age myths.

For example the Adam and Eve story is based on the Sumerian Enki and Ninhursag myth - But the roles are reversed it is the male Enki who eats of the fruits of the forbidden trees and Ninhursag his sister who curses him and he falls ill with a bone wasting disease. Ninhursag is eventually persuaded by the gods to relent and cure him and he also pleads with her as his ribs hurt. She then creates the goddess Ninti to cure him. This name is a pun (which the Sumerians were fond of) ‘ti’ can mean both ‘rib’ and ‘make live’. So Ninti means both Lady of the rib and Lady who makes live. Interesting how these things get copied and changed - the rib story in the OT probably arose because the Hebrew scribe didn’t know sufficient Sumerian to appreciate the pun.

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The flood story needs to be understood from the point of view of Noah.

Or Utnaptishim. Frankly, Bruce, the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian versions already depicted an universalized version of the story (i.e.: world wide flooding, destruction of all man kind, saving of all animal life, etc…) long before the Biblical version ever was ever written out on parchment.

However, the universal flood myth is an interesting one. From the Grecian Deucalion to Welsh Dwyfan and Dwyfach, and from the Hindu Manu to the unnamed flood survivors depicted in murals by the Inca, the flood myth is found all over the world.

The fact that the flood story is universal is some evidence that there was a factual event behind it. <snip>/quote]

Ya.  It’s evidence that flooding, and the fear of flooding, occurs all over the planet.