Tithes and offerings; a good time on god’s dime.
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It seems that the more astute yet crooked in many societies establish religions as a means of fleecing the people. The Old Testament outlines a set of ordinances and offerings that assured the clergy were well feed with the best the people had to offer. An offering to god my @$$. Some of these ancient leaders may have been true believers but the original creators of the Old Testament were probably just like Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith, Oral Roberts, etc. It is interesting that the Old Testament also “reveals” the “religiously sanctioned” practice of polygamy. Yep…give them your food, money, wives, and daughters.

Re li gion [ri-lij-uhn]noun - an organization established for the sole purpose of the debauched abusing the deluded.


“Most of the Israelites did not come from outside Canaan - they emerged from within it. There was no mass Exodus from Egypt…no violent conquest of Canaan. The early Israelites were - irony of ironies - themselves originally Canaanites!

The conquest of Canaan by Joshua could not have happened [as] described in the Bible. Most of the towns…either weren’t inhabited, didn’t exist or were conquered at wildly different times.” —Finkelstein and Silberman

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