Higgs Boson

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28 July 2011 00:51

Hey everyone,
    CERN recently announced encouraging data for the discovery of the Higgs boson.  As I’m sure everyone here is excessively educated in quantum physics, I was hoping to hear any thoughts on the progress at CERN.  Is this a tentative lead towards a “something from nothing” (a Higgs boson endows mass to particles) argument that plagues existence and powers creationists?  Are you excited about the potential for a unifying theory in the quantum world and what implications do you see it having when spilling over into the macro, scientific, and philosophical worlds?  Is CERN a waste of billions of dollars?  Should it be spelled ECNR instead?

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11 August 2011 12:54

But matter is only a tiny fraction of the universe, isn’t it?  so…
To my uneducated mind, ‘dark’ matter, and especially ‘dark’ energy are the really fascinating areas of research.