What a wonderful example for this country!!

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10 February 2007 15:53

nbtboj wrote

    “Thats the worst use of logic I have ever heard. First of all, how do you think He helped them? They are just giving praise when they were blessed.”

The part about “being blessed” obviously refers to winning the Superbowl, and if it is god who gives them the blessing (the win), then obviously in some way god helped them win the game.  The way you’re interpreting it is as if god had nothing at all to do with the outcome of the game, but somehow after they won he gave them an annointing (like when the commish presents them with the trophy, after they’d already won the game).  So in your world god is like the commisioner.  But while the actual presentation of the trophy does have ritual significance, it matters very little who actually does the presenting.  Likewise it would seem it matters very little who gets to give the blessing, it’s just a ritual that practically anyone could give.  In fact I could say I blessed the Colts (I obviously had nothing to do with them winning the game)!  That sort of logic is so screwy it doesn’t even register on the intelligence meter.


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10 February 2007 15:53

I think the Infidel Guy did a pod cast on exactly this topic…. :?

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10 February 2007 18:39

[quote author=“nothingbutthebloodofjesus”]And to answer the question of “What if they were praying to Allah?”  Of course I would disagree with the fundamental belief system they prescribe to

Ahhh. .  . so now you know how an atheist feels about your religion.

[quote author=“nothingbutthebloodofjesus”]but there is something moving about an entire group or sect of people coming together to give glory to someone else, not just themselves.

By “someone” do you mean God?  God is not a “someone” in the Christian theology.  But if you don’t mean God, then please clarify who this “someone” could be.

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13 February 2007 20:33

does anyone else find it a bit pathetic and ridiculous when you see some of these athletes talking about the glory of god in their lives, etc. etc. while showing off their iced out 5billion carrot crucifix on their chest and their 40 cars and mega mansions, not to mention some of these athletes are first class assholes.

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14 February 2007 00:57

For all the ballyhoo about prayer, it is interesting to note that the christian diety NEVER answers prayers where there is no possibility of coincidence.  For instance, there has never been a case of an amputee’s limb(s) being regenerated by prayer.

Could it possibly be that ALL claims about the efficacy of prayer are mistaken and were only coincidences?  Until such time as some unambiguous case comes along that could not have been coincidence, an intelligent person would conclude so. 


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15 February 2007 11:29

[quote author=“nothingbutthebloodofjesus”] 

I love this guy!!  What a warrior for Christ.  I am sure you guys are just thrilled about this!!  That’s the example we need to have for our youth.  I am sure you all agree totally!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Champion? rolleyes

Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor
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15 February 2007 14:14

If I had the word ‘dung’ in my name I’d be praying too.

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03 April 2007 15:28

Nothingbutthebloodofjesus has left the building.

Dungy has been lauded by nbtboj for praising god for a superbowl win.

nbtboj clearly represents many theists mindset in that if they earn some reward in finances, social status or prestige, god is the author of it.  As if a god really is involved with the outcome of a game.  As if a god favors one team over another.

oh mah god I just won the superbowl!  Thankyoujesus thank you thank you god thank you lord!!!

why?  why talk like this?  what is the point really?  I mean, it’s a game of statistical finaggling where two equally matched teams go at it and only one can come out the victor.  How is a god involved in this outcome?  Why would a god be involved?  If you were god would you cause one team to win over another?  If any one football team wins the superbowl, do we now assume this is “god’s team”??  Is this team’s win a sign from god that he exists?

So then, the losers of the superbowl are less favored by god?  What?  I mean, why thank god when you win a game?

If god is really involved in the outcomes of sporting events, to the point where an athlete bows down in the end zone and thanks god for helping him catch a ball.. what does it really mean?

Does it mean that god is involved in the outcome of the craps table?  Horse racing?  board games?  Is it about money?  People need money and so when they find some or come of some money when they really need it they tend to thank a god.  What about the “evil” professions.  Like prostitution.  God hates it.  But say a hooker really needs a score so she goes out and walks the streets.  Say 4 hours go by and she is so hungry.  Another hour goes by and it’s 12:30.  Finally, she finds a target and gets paid, is she entitled to thank god?  I mean, if she was good looking enough the stats show that sooner or later she would get picked up.  What if she does thank god?  If god has nothing to do with the hooker getting paid, then… how is it any different for athletes.

And yet others thank god for outcomes that will happen one way or another (superbowl wins and losses) either way.

And in more realistic frame of reference:  Is god then responsible for any given person getting that really great job?  I mean, you either have the skills and personality and work ethic or you do not.  If it is down to two or three equally talented candidates and the employer is pulling out his hair trying to decide and so, unbeknown to the three candidates, he throws a dart on a board with their picture on it and chooses thus…. is this god??

What have humans reduced god down to then?

btw, hiring people using the dart board method… does that make the dart thrower god like? or at least an instrument in god’s hand when the lucky individual thanks his god that the dart thrower’s dart “chose” his picture?)


H. Finn
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05 April 2007 03:02

this might be more appropriate on Noggin’s joke thread but I can’t resist it in view of the topic of this thread.

Two Americans (let’s say baptist ) are visiting in Rome and standing in the Vatican square with thousands of people when the Pope appears on the balcony.

the first guy asks: “Who it that?”
second quy responds “don’t be stupid, that’s the Pope

the Pope make the sign of the cross.

First guy: “What’s he doing now?”

Second guy:  “You are so stupid. He’s going to shoot a foul shot.”