"Range of happiness and suffering" confers moral s

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25 February 2007 16:25

Salt Creek,

You said the goal of unifying the world under one banner…

...is frequently diagnosed as a specific sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I asked for your references.

What would suit you as documentation of this as a “frequent” diagnosis? Let me guess: A peer-reviewed statistical study.

The question is not what would satisfy me, but rather what sources satisfied you such that you refer to them in support of your point.

I hope you acknowledge that anyone not trafficking in divinity (even as a hypothetical worthy of further investigation) is going to have problems with this.

I don’t think its expecting too much from this particular crowd.

Religions at least merit serious consideration… as possible examples of delusional psychopathology.

Fair enough.  I’ll grant that as a possibility but I won’t presume that.

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10 November 2008 07:57

This is obviously a Utilitarianism vs. Libertarianism argument. It is so fundamental that no argument can really be made.