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05 November 2007 23:47

I’m not sure which title this belongs, so I’ll just put my 2 bits here . I hope that’s okay .

I have a question; a question that I’m almost sure no one can answer , but I’ll ask anyhow :

Does Sam ever visit this forum on his site ? I mean, I can’t help but wonder ! It seems like it surely would benefit him to check out a few comments here . Does anyone agree ?

Also, his stopping by here would be like good medicine for all us participants , because maybe it would make us think twice before we say somethig really mean-spirited to one another . Nit-picking nasty remarks lower the quality of the board, and that’s a childish distraction and not constructive. Give anyone “out there” hell, but lets not draw blood here . Now—anything else—well, that’s differant ( as far as I can see )

Sorry I got off track there, but I hope Sam stops by once in a while ! It would be a bit of a thrill . We would have something to really think about from the wizard himself .

Please give me credit- ; I’m trying to be helpful .

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06 November 2007 08:13

I know he does care about the forum.  I once sent a complaint using the “contact the author” form from the main site. It was in May, and was about all the Britney Spears porn spam being dumped into the forum.  Sam e-mailed the forum administrator, saying, “Please respond to this person and tell me what we can do about the problem of spam in the forum…” and then the administrator forwarded that e-mail to me (with some promising news about upcoming spam control, which worked!).  So yes, I have an indirect e-mail from the man himself, boring though it may be!

I’ve entertained the idea that Harris has gone undercover here as a believer!  I doubt it, though.

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06 November 2007 13:55

He has definitely visited the forum on at least a few occasions, because when Noggin and I met him about a year ago during a book signing session at the Freedom From Religion Foundation convention, he recognized Noggin’s name immediately. You should have seen the boy grin over that, it was great wink. But yes, it seems he at least browses on occasion, although the fact that he has written such thought- and conversation-provoking books, as well as ongoing articles on the subject at hand. .  is quite satisfying enough for me. Also bear in mind that he recently completed a degree in neuroscience, so forum chat was probably low on his list of priorities.

Like anyone else here, I’d certainly enjoy it if he posted on a topic that interested him in particular, but have no idea what you mean by his being ‘good medicine’ in relation to “the quality of the board”. Sam possesses no magic cure for flaring tempers, so I think it’s something you’ll just have to make peace with on your own, Dee.

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06 November 2007 22:06

Probably once every blue moon. He’s way too busy for us little guys! haha

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07 November 2007 18:56

Dawkins visits his forum once in a while.  At least I think it’s him.