What does it mean to be a Jew?

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21 August 2008 13:56

No sane Jew should support the current state of Israel and the way that it treats the arabs.  The blowback alone is one bad tincture of it.

Traces Elk
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FrankChurch - 21 August 2008 05:56 PM

No sane Jew should support the current state of Israel and the way that it treats the arabs.  The blowback alone is one bad tincture of it.

Look out, its Miracle-Troll! Wow. He knows the word “tincture”. Everyone bow down. Now observe how he produces some more, um, blowback. Not that I necessarily underwrite the way Israel treats its Arabs/Muslims. That’s not the issue.

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we can have “Here is David. His mother thinks he’s a Jew, because she’s a Jew, but he doesnt believe in Yahweh, and since he lives in North London, he can call himself British.”

Why not?

What the fuck are you trying to prove, asshole? That you’re feisty and argumentative online? Anyone can do that, and you’re as ordinary as white flour. I’m sure, as you’ll observe from the number of posts I have, that I’ve argued with assholes like you previously. What’s important is whether you have any ideas or not. Take my word for it: You don’t. What’s evident from your participation in this thread is that you like jerking off semantics like so many with two philosophy courses on their transcripts.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Wow! You have 4000 odd posts. I bow to your superiority. I’ll remember in future to check with you, oh heavenly king, should I wish to have an opinion, or worst still, express it.

Incidentally, my opinion - that genetics do not lead to cultural differences, but that the perpetuation of ethnic identities and memes, leads to those differences - is widely held by a great many people who designed your philosophy course. Yes, that’s right, YOUR course. Your words. Not mine.

You couldn’t think of anything relevant to say, so you just reverted to insult. Not that it bothers me, oh heavenly king wink

Dr. Christopher

Anyone can call someone an ‘asshole’ online. Salty rebukes you for supposedly not having ideas, but all he offers is bellicosity in the safety of an online chatroom. Plus, he didn’t even quote you at your ‘fiestiest’ and most arguementative. You could mine his 4000+ posts and possibly find a nugget of relevence, but FOX Reality Channel is running an all night ‘Punk’d’ marathon. He no longer offers any original ideas. Instead his days are spent searching every thread for an opprotunity to accost others. In other words he is a pathetic loser. It used to mean something to have SaltCreek bash you on here, but he has cried wolf too many times. He is the rotting ‘coon carcass on the double yellow lines; swerve around him without a second thought and continue….