New members’ Introuction to the Forum letter?
Posted: 28 November 2008 12:40 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Would there be any merit to the idea of a standard post to new members, perhaps articulating some of the ideas behind this forum, but also clearly indicating this is a forum largely unregulated (and why that is) and that there’s no “Daddy” watching over it with a kindly, but of course protecting mien.  Some of the new posters seems to have been idealistic late adolescents who’re rather soundly trashed and maybe hurt; so maybe “Adults only need apply?” 



Truth, especially “moral truth,” is that elusive human creation whose exclusive apprehension is claimed by many, who then sanctimoniously condemn anyone else who does not agree with their particular apprehension, while denying that any question can be posed about their own apprehension.  I will try to avoid that tendency.  DEC

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