Death of a hero: Al Meyerhoff
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Al Meyerhoff died on December 21, 2008. He was a champion against powerful oppressors. He chose principle over fortune. He will be missed.


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It appears that society has lost another one of “the good guys.”

I’ve done volunteer work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (I have two friends who survived similar blood cancers, though not the acute myeloid type—from what I understand this is a far more fatal form of blood cancer) and I think their youth—they both were diagnosed in their early twenties—helped them to withstand some of the harsh, but necessary treatments.

Sad. So sad. But his legacy will not go unnoticed or appreciated by those who were/are aware of his life’s work.

*For any forum-goer able and willing to donate time or cash to LLS, (a non-profit organization that, due to the economy has downsized) PM me so I can give you my friend,  Amy Stockinger’s e-mail for information on walks, events, or other ways to help, etc.


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