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Hello All,
I have to write a research paper on a debatable topic for a college class.  I have a few ideas in mind but certain constraints may limit my possibilities.  I must cite six scholarly sources, and I must include one statistical chart or graph.  My first idea for a thesis, was “Free will is an illusion”, and my next, “religious institutions should not be tax exempt”.  I really want to do the former but I think it will be difficult to find six appropriate scholarly sources to cite.  I thought of the experiment where the neurology of decision-making is observed in MRI, (or PET?) which must be published in journals somewhere, but what else could I possibly include? I also don’t really know what type of sources to look for to support the latter thesis (religious institutions should not be tax exempt).  I am studying to be a high school science teacher and I thought a paper on science education in America might be appropriate, but I’m not sure about a thesis.  I’m not asking for you to do my research for me, I would just like some ideas or suggestions.  Thanks for any help!

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Look up Benjamin Libet.

Try this…


Delude responsibly.

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