About the Fireplace Delusion!

Bill Rogan
Bill Rogan
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11 February 2012 17:50

Yes, we seem unable to acknowledge what is not good for us (yet if we do see the danger) then to behave accordingly. It seems obvious if there were no beliefs then the world be be a safer place. We cling to things that divide us most, religion, politics, money and our personal philosophy.

So burning wood for heat and ambiance should be dropped from our human behavior, but what about the pleasure drive in the car or the boat or the motor cycle or the barbecue? There is no need to go on, nature has fires all the time, forest burn as part of a natural cycle.Nature cleans itself, there are just to many people (for nature) to clean up after.

The real point in all of this is this: Fire is natural belief is not, it is programmed human behavior. And alas one could freeze to death from lack of heat while at the same time having faith can be exponentially just as deadly.

Today’s wood stoves burn much cleaner than older stoves. so kick back in front of the fire and read one of Sam’s books.

Bill Rogan / AKA Dung Teller!

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18 February 2012 02:00

Fumes from fireplaces in homes are toxic, but most of these go out the chimney, so they don’t damage us. The question is that the earth’s atmosphere may be so polluted that people must stop burning wood.  This is a scientific and moral question that is in essence, stupid.  If people cannot burn wood for warmth and cooking, then the advances made through science through the centuries have damaged us to the point we cannot exist naturally.