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20 September 2006 07:18

Today I phoned a talk radio program in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (Lynn Cullen 1360 AM). They were talking about the violence in the Muslim religion. A caller who claimed not to be a follower of any one religion, as usual, said that Islam was a religion of peace. My call was to dispute that along with bringing up the violence that also is expressed in the other 2 major religions. During my conversation with the host "Lynn Cullen" I mentioned "The End of Faith"
and Sam Harris. She said that she was trying to get Sam on her show to discuss his new book. This post is to encourage him to do so. Not only is she the most reasonable talk show host I've ever heard, she has a diverse listening audience.

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21 September 2006 06:08

Yes, I’d love to hear Sam on a local show here in Pittsburgh (I’m a yinzer also).  Does Lynn have a show on PCNC?  I think I can remember seeing her name on there.  Anyway, what time is she on the radio at least?