Any moderators?

Alan Slipp
Alan Slipp
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10 June 2005 05:43

Is there an actual, active moderator for this forum? There are a lot of topics that have degenerated into nothing but flames, and I, for one, would like to see some thread locking going on, even if just to halt the nastiness. There are also some rather obvious trolls who would probably be banned anywhere else.

Is there even a code of conduct for this forum?

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10 June 2005 15:57

[quote author=“forumadmin”]Ok, if you look to the top right of each post there is an exclamation point icon, click that icon to report a post. This sends and email to me with a link to the post you’re reporting. Later I’ll get around to making the icon match. smile

As for topics that get out of control, send me an email or a PM and I’ll inspect them closely. (a link to email me is at the bottom of every page).

But it would be nice to know if Sam has set any policies with regard to topics and conduct.  Just locking a thread without an explanation doesn’t seem right.  On boards that I have participated in where that was done, people usually just ended up leaving.

Also, Alan, the subjects covered in this board are by their nature emotion laden.  Do you really think shuting down debates (even heated ones) is going to improve the level of discussion?