Time Mag. "The Evolution Wars"

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15 August 2005 03:45

One of my grad students handed me the Aug. 15 issue of Time.  Said I had to read this!  The article seems to do a fair job of presenting the political debate going on.  It seems also somewhat derisive of the ID movement, but does give voice to some of their proponents.

I guess from my point of view the failure that led to this debacle is not that scientists have not done an adequate job of telling their story.  It is that educators, especially in the K-12 systems, have failed to do theirs.  But that also means that educators of educators have failed as well.  The problem is that the vast majority of people who finish high school, and even a large number who get post-secondary education, simply do not understand science (and especially, it seems, biology) nor do they appreciate the power of the scientific method.

PS. I am not endorsing Time nor do I have any financial connections with the company.  I recommend you go read it at the library!

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15 August 2005 06:13

This appears to be the scientific response that some here want to see.

Harvard to Investigate Origins of Life