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Well mammooth, it looks like many on this forum prefer the anonymity of the virtual world over the actual one…
I hope you do host a gathering in your area…PM me if you think there’s anything I can do to help you find forum-goers in your general area that may be able to take advantage of your food and wine… or other beverage of choice. Make sure you have cookies and brownies to offer as well!

P.S. In your sig., the word coexistence is spelled wrong. It’s been bugging me for awhile, just thought I’d be bold and tell ya!  cheese


“Proving the efficacy of a methodology without defining the word ‘efficacy’ can come back to bite you in the assertion.”—Salt Creek

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Robert Mondavi has died at 94.  I thought I would mention this since we were in the vicinity of his home when we met at H’s house. So, follow the example of Robert Mondavi - drink a moderate amount of wine - and live to be 94. Cheers.

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