Criticism vs. persecution

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11 July 2008 12:54

“One big, fat problem with ideological fanatics, and one give away that someone IS an ideological fanatic, is that they are incapable of distinguishing *criticism* from *persecution*. This is the case with religious as well as non-religious varieties of fanatics.

Any questioning of their ideological master, or the wisdom of their goals, or anything else about their program, isn’t welcomed as an argument to be met, but as an *affront* motivated by sinister motives. It feeds a victim complex, which in turn (like everything else at that point) is made by the fanatic’s mind into just *more* evidence that *he is right* (since ideologies always posit that precisely because they are the absolute truth, the “wicked” will always war against them). . . . .”
—Tal Bachman

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13 July 2008 13:59

The other clue to fanaticism is that people loose their sense of humor. One can tell someone’s lost all perspective when they announce that their particular issue is far too serious to be made fun of.

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16 July 2008 11:54

Oy gevalt! All these schmucks persecuting us all the time…..don’t even get me started! No, it’s too late now, I’m ferklempt. Oy vey, I’m so ferklempt that I could plotz! Give me a moment…..

Talk amongst yourselves…..

Okay, I feel much better. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna shlep on over to the kitchen, and make me a ham sandwich on white bread. Shalom!