Iraq and early Judaism
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an interesting nugget from the Torah that many Christians and Jews do not realize is that Abraham supposedly came from Ur of the Chaldees. Ur was in Babylon which is today Tell el-Mukayyar” near the city of Nasiriyah just south of Baghdad in Iraq. If the Torah were correct the “Israelites” would actually be descendants of the Babylonians or in modern terms Iraqis. The Torah actually misses virtually everything that actually happened and the Israelites are actually Canaanites.


“Most of the Israelites did not come from outside Canaan - they emerged from within it. There was no mass Exodus from Egypt…no violent conquest of Canaan. The early Israelites were - irony of ironies - themselves originally Canaanites!

The conquest of Canaan by Joshua could not have happened [as] described in the Bible. Most of the towns…either weren’t inhabited, didn’t exist or were conquered at wildly different times.” —Finkelstein and Silberman

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