Marjoe: documentary about child evangelist

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29 August 2008 14:34

Marjoe Gortner grew up as an evagnelist, trained by his mother at age 3 to learn the tricks of the trade in swindling poor, simple minded folks out of their hard earned money. Gortern was so good, he made a living at it even after admitting he never believed in god. He takes a film crew along with him on his tent revivals in this 1973 academy award winning documentary.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

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29 August 2008 15:28

Watched this about a month ago. Funny, sad, and weird.

My two favorite things:

1) The music in the Baptist church scenes (almost enough to get me to go).

2) Looking at the faces in the tent revivals to find the people who weren’t really buying into the whole thing. While there are people everywhere convulsing and shouting “hallelujah”, you can spot the closet skeptics in the background by their really uncomfortable looks.

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29 August 2008 16:21

One thing is for sure, Marjoe is a good actor. But he also possesses a conscience and couldn’t do it anymore.

I laughed at the end when he and his girlfriend are laying hands on the dog. I also laughed when he opens that bag of money on the bed and sings “Thank you Jesus, Hallaluyah!”

isocratic infidel
isocratic infidel
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02 September 2008 01:14

Gee thanks rab, I spent my entire day lost in the youtube funhouse after that one… hard to believe this piece of work won the academy award in 1973 in the documentary category… makes one wonder what the fuck’s taking people sooooo loooong to get it that evangelical preachers are “business” men and scam artists. When will the idiots in america wake the fuck up?! (I must confess, however, that I fast forwarded through some of it…. couldn’t take the “hallll-aye-uuuu-yah jesus’” and the “gospel” singing….  and “dancing” and unending preaching. Got to hand it to him though, utilizing the Jagger chicken dance.)
Poor guy…. what a pathetic pair of parents… and gamete pool to have to come from… poor Marjoe… although, he went on to attempt a career in acting, which flopped fairly quickly. Poor guy…. could of been a “rock star.”


My favorite line from his childhood preachin’ days: “If we had more christian mothers teaching boys and girls how to pur-ray more instead of drinking COCKtails and smoking filthy old cigarettes, we would have a better America… better men and women and not so much juvenile delinquency!”

I ended up watching other youtube contributions, including a bunch of shit on the Jim Jones massacre thanks to your link!
Hall-lay-you-ya labor day to moi!

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02 September 2008 18:06

I must confess I find these charismatic preachers quite entertaining.

Some of my favorites:

Rod Parsley

John Hagee *note* the sheeple in the audience

Benny Hinn

Juanita Bynum big time prosperity gospel preacher and self promoter

Kenneth Copeland

Enjoy!  LOL

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21 January 2009 05:59

I own it.  My niece loved the movie and shows it to her friends.