“The Lost Seal” by Dan Brown

Johnny Sweatpants
Johnny Sweatpants
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15 October 2009 10:58

Well I can honestly say that The Lost Seal is the worst book I’ve ever read in my life.  It almost reads as an apology for Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code.  He spends enormous amounts of time trying to reconcile religion with science, asserting that the ultimate goal of science is to unlock the great mysteries of the ancient sacred texts.  Choking on my own rage here!  What happened to this guy? 

There’s a great villain but the way he’s disposed of is so disappointing I actually punched a wall. 

Thankfully I just picked up the new Dawkins book to wash the horrible taste out of my mouth.


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15 October 2009 11:14

It’s all about marketing and selling books I suppose. Brown needs christian readers and many of them apparently.

I just started ‘Why I became an Atheist’ by ex-evangelical John W Loftus. No apologies here so far!

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20 October 2009 06:00

I actually enjoyed “The Lost Symbol” but was disappointed in the ending. I love to wander around Washington D.C. and have been in many of areas described by the book. I got no Christian message from Brown but was interested in the subject of noetry which I had never heard of before Googling the subject.

I personally believe that religion is a conspiracy of terrorising believers into behaving badly. Brown is an art lover and I cannot read any of his books without being drawn into looking more closely at the painting, drawings and statuary.

Most of the men in my family were Masons who enjoyed all the secret stuff where women were never allowed. I love to read and cannot remember a day when I wasn’t in the middle of at least 2 books.