Death and The Unknown
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It seems that death is were you get the answer to weather the god of theoligyt exist or not. People have to stop claiming that they know what happens after death. It,s perfectly okay to say you dont know and there for shouldnt care. Life can be many things as far as we know its reality and not a place for super natural belifes or superstitions humans were the first creatures to over come fire during evolution and were still the first, in theory over coming death might one day be possible. Are,nt we glad were not as stupid as dinosaurs or els we would,nt know what meteorites are and we would be doomed. Post a coment if you think you know what happens after death even tho you dont! Or what your hoping for after death !

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champion-of-wisdom - 15 October 2010 07:43 PM

...Or what you’re hoping for after death !

Peace and quiet.


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