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03 January 2011 16:07

While listening to the audio book version of The Moral Landscape I happened to hear that Dr. Harris has tinnitus.

Then a “friend” invited me to a loud bar. One hour later and I had tinnitus too. It’s been quite bothersome - the very high pitched ringing which is not going away even after taking more vitamins and so on.

I’ve dropped the friend as it seems they are only interested in loud hearing destroying events.

Anyway I’ve worked on distracting myself more, and am taking melatonin at night. But as for what to do next I’m opening up to all treatments including those which may have a placebo effect (which can be real).

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06 January 2011 09:11

i share your concern.  i have had tinnitus for so long i can’t remember when it started.  it is a nuisance when it makes hearing someone else’s words distinctly difficult.  as far as my research has shown me, there is nothing that can be done to cure or diminish it.

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24 February 2011 10:22

Do painkillers not help? Not aspirin? Or, is marijuana legal in your area??

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28 February 2011 05:16

Co-incidentally I was just thinking about this problem this morning. I register here today and here’s a thread on it. My thoughts went along the lines that if tinnitus is a brain response triggered by loud noises, it is possibly as a noise canceling defence of the brain to protect the hearing against loud noises that does not reset easily like ‘sun blindness’. If so, then maybe a long period of complete silence will reset the system. This might work just as closing one’s eyes for a long period works to recover from sun flashes. I figured that sleeping with ear plugs in might work. The tinnitus might seem amplified initially but the brain may then be triggered to withdraw or reset it as a result. Just thoughts. I haven’t got tinnitus to experiment.

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25 June 2014 19:25

I was going through the supplements Joe Rogan takes and one of them (alpha brain) it seems has several compounds including Vinpocetine which according to some fight tinnitus and hyperacusis. I hope this helps (if you’re still reading this, years later). I’ll simply assume Sam Harris has already tried everything and has been updated by everybody that knows anything about it. That’s why I’ll post my suggestion here instead of mailing him. But if we get an N of 1 going here, maybe he should be brief (assuming he doesn’t spend all day going through the forum).

On his facebook post of the audio essay of ‘adventures in the land of illness’ he shares that he’s on cymbalta and at least two other people who replied are also on it.