Certainty and Doubt
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It’s certain that I will always be doubtful and it’s doubtful that I will ever be certain.

People who are certain about almost anything scare the hell out of me!  Those are the people who cause wars or kill the wrong person.  Probably worse than that, they teach their children to be certain and this is where religious fanatics come from.
The real problem is not so much religion versus science - it’s certainty versus doubt.  Religions don’t allow doubt and science doesn’t allow certainty and therein lies the rub!


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Are you certain about this?

Just kidding. I am certain about a few things. One thing I’m certain of is that there will always be someone out there who feels they’re right about something, so right about it in fact, that they’re willing to kill the rest of us to prove they’re right. Maybe it is just a semantic quibble, but I think it is the certainty of one’s own rightness, in whatever subject, be it Hitler or Marx or Reagan on politics, or a budhist or a priest or a rabbi on his religion, or the guy willing to kill an abortion doc, or, well, I could go on and on, so for me it isn’t just certainty that is scary, it is the “certainty that I’m right” about whatever that is truly scary. On this I have little doubt.

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