Why does Sam Harris evade the truth?

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24 March 2012 01:09
Nick C
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02 April 2012 15:19

What is easier to get an answer from God or from Sam Harris?

Because God is omnipotent?

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02 April 2012 23:12

I would have to say that it would probably be easier to get an answer from Sam Harris. I have never actually been in the same building with him, or seen him with my own eyes without the aid of technology producing his image on the monitor of my computer, but, I’m pretty comfortable with the idea that he does actually exist. The evidence is pretty compelling. If I had a question for him that was A) interesting, B) within his realm of expertise, and C) not a question that he has to answer every time he steps out of his home, I can think of a number of avenues that I could explore in an attempt to get an answer.

God, on the other hand, is a bit trickier to get a concrete answer from, since, not only have I never seen him/her/it/them…., first hand or aided by technology, but, I also don’t know or know of anyone else that has. No TED talks, no visits to the O’Reilly Factor, no God.org, etc.. I checked the roster of Beyond Belief 2006 and Sam Harris was there, but, God wasn’t, so I really wouldn’t know where to send the question, or even where to begin looking.

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13 April 2012 12:37

Yes, definitely easier to get an answer from Sam Harris, since we can conclusively demonstrate that (a) Sam Harris exists and (b) he has answered questions (indeed, we have multiple video and audio records of him doing exactly that).

Where is the video of God holding a question-answer session?