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Pope need a hospital?"  This question from a child is so logical and clear.
If god really existed, the Pope, being so close to a functional and actual God, would scarcely require medical treatment.  However, what we see in reality is, the Pope in hospital. So we must form a conclusion, If existant, the Diety is a useless, or FUNCTIONALLY NON-EXISTANT GOD.  We live our lives as though in practice THERE IS NO GOD.  If whenever we need the intervention of a God, and he/she/it can't/won't intervene when we really need it, of what value is that God.  Or, perhaps a better judgement is, this God idea is not real or true.  The more consistant conclusion which best matches the experience of actual life is, God does not exist, it is a man-made myth.
  When one observes the state of misery in the world, such as the recent Tsunami occurance, Gods' only excuse is, HE DOES NOT EXIST.

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