Rational Squad online party Sunday 4pm est til late night

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12 January 2007 03:42

On Sunday night (14th) at 4pm est we will have a party in our webcam room !  BYOB

4pm- 6pm est We'll re-air Friday nights Hip Hop atheism show.  MrGAWN , CapnAwesome , and Syqnys are on this episode.  We'll complete the show with a song from our newest member, Greydon Square.   Fans of hip hop wont want to miss this one!"

6pm est-8pm est OPEN CHAT with room for 6 people to get on their webcams

8pm est: STEVE AND JINXI (RRS SoCal) JOIN US IN THE CHAT ROOM.  We'll watch the most recent episode of WifeSwap in which they appeared.

9pm est: BRIAN FLEMMING JOINS US IN THE CHATROOM.  We'll watch Brians hit documentary The God Who Wasn't There .

Chat with Brian Flemming and the atheist family that appeared on WifeSwap, all on Sunday!  After The God Movie, we'll play some music from our newest member, Greydon Square , maybe even get a live performance.

Tips for a good time:
- Register an account with stickam (simple), if you don't you'll hear a beep evertime a chat room message is posted (very annoying).  Once you make your account, you'll be able to change your settings.

-  When coming to our webcam room , click the magnifying glass or double click the video window to open the room so you can chat in it.