Best-selling Author Will 'Prove' God's Existence

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29 April 2007 13:20

Oh this is going to be so embarrassing (for them).


This will give you a taste of what they consider "proof".


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29 April 2007 13:52

That banana spot is hilarious! Someone on the board at utube wondered how this guy woudl explain an artichoke. Good question.

Why did god make volcanoes? He must have thought, “Hmm….maybe I spoiled them with the bananas.”

Just stupefyingly ludicrous. Nothing against bananas by the way. Great snack.

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25 July 2011 18:21

Not to help people rub bullshit even deeper into society, but I have always found it odd that people try to argue from a creation standpoint. Jumping right to the existence of a God. Seems to me like it would be better to argue for a soul, then for an intergalactic soul federation, and then a God that is president/dictator. The basis for arguing for religion is making a hypothesis that can’t be tested yet, calling it a theory, and then debating its credibility based on the fact that it cannot be disproven. So why not argue from a neurological stance? I could hypothesize that it is our soul that transforms electrical signal turns into experience, then say that nothing has been observed to say otherwise, and then write a book, start a website, and make a bunch of money. But I guess if everyone was logical this website wouldn’t exist and neither would religion, so there would be no need to point out better ways to argue religion. Paradoxical thinking.

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29 August 2011 01:14

I think it’s just as ridiculous to try to prove the existence of God as it is to prove the existence of there not being a God. We as humans are just innately arrogant I guess, thinking we have the answers to everything. Rolex Replica Watches Swiss Replica Watches Replica Watches Fake Rolex