Hitler’s Theology

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19 March 2008 04:07

[quote author=“Sander”]I am a Dutch guy living in the USA and I am still amazed by the ‘obedience’ that gazillions of Americans display towards their corrupt and criminal current government.

It is barely believable from any rational standpoint. My own view is that America itself is a religion, with fundamental beliefs that cannot be questioned without toppling the whole edifice. This might account for the ‘non-negotiability’ (read ‘sacredness’) of the American Way of Life and the fervent paranoia of Americans regarding it.

Also I have heard that Americans will always tend to honour the incumbent president, not because the man is respected but because the office itself is beyond disrespect.

[quote author=“Aaron”]Don’t forget that all-time favorite: “America: love it or leave it!”

I don’t know which came first but I remember seeing a roadside poster in France during Le Pen’s campaign about 10 years ago: ‘La France: aimez-la ou quittez-la’.

[quote author=“uli”]Yes and then there is ‘unamerican’ - I’ve never heard the term ‘unfrench’ or ‘unrussian’ used.  Anti, sure, but not ‘un’.

We have ‘Un-British’. Not used much any more except ironically, but means dishonourable, unfair or ‘not cricket’. We have never had ‘anti-British’ - the term has no meaning.

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