Mindful Politics

A Buddhist Guide to Making the World a Better Place

July, 2006

Cover of the book with election propaganda pins and the title of the book in the middle.

Just in time for the crucial 2006 Congressional elections, Mindful Politics goes beyond right and left to get to the heart of what matters, and how everyone can participate in real political change. Mindful Politics is not a typical political book. It’s not written at fever pitch, it doesn’t employ the usual good vs. bad binary, it doesn’t get hung up on specific issues or policies, and it’s not even specifically “American.” Instead, this timely book addresses the less-discussed but more important aspects of politics, such as whether religion — any religion, including Buddhism — has something to offer politics. It also discusses how dealing with emotional issues can help the activist move beyond the particulars of legislation and policy, so that personal growth and effective advocacy can occur together. Noted editor Melvin McLeod offers a brief, contextualizing introduction for each of these essays.