Episode 326

AI & Information Integrity

A Conversation with Nina Schick

July 6, 2023

Sam Harris speaks with Nina Schick about generative AI and information integrity. They discuss the challenges of regulating AI, authentication vs detection, fake video, hyper-personalization of information, the promise of generative design, productivity gains, disruptions in the labor market, OpenAI, and other topics.

Nina Schick is a globally recognized author, entrepreneur, and advisor specializing in Generative AI. She has made it her mission to democratize AI and make it accessible to everyone, authoring the first book on AI-generated content in 2020. As one of the earliest GenAI experts, Nina analyzes how this nascent field of artificial intelligence will change humanity. Nina is the founder of Tamang Ventures, an advisory firm focused on Generative AI, and the creator of The Era of Generative AI, a 100K+ strong GenAI community featuring the weekly EGAI newsletter, exclusive content, and interviews with the pioneers of this space. 

Website: ninaschick.org

Twitter: @NinaDSchick


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