Episode 371

What the Hell Is Happening?

A Conversation with Bill Maher

June 14, 2024

Sam Harris speaks to Bill Maher about the state of the world. They discuss the aftermath of October 7th, the cowardice and confusion of many celebrities, gender apartheid, the failures of the Biden campaign, Bill’s relationship to his audience, the differences between the left and right, Megyn Kelly, loss of confidence in the media, expectations for the 2024 election, the security concerns of old-school Republicans, the prospect of a second Trump term, totalitarian regimes, functioning under medical uncertainty, Bill’s plan to stop doing stand-up (maybe), looking back on his career, his experience of fame, Jerry Seinfeld, and other topics.

Bill Maher has been on TV for 30 years. His new book What This Comedian Said Will Shock You reached number one on the NYT bestseller list. Watch his podcast Club Random on YouTube or listen everywhere.

Website: billmaher.com

Twitter: @billmaher


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