Ask Me Anything #18

September 20, 2021

In this Ask Me Anything session, Sam answers the following questions:

Questions Answered

Why won’t you discuss COVID vaccines and Ivermectin with Bret Weinstein on the podcast?

00:10:08September 20, 2021

What do you think about the recent prosecution of a 100-year-old Nazi in Germany?

00:27:10September 20, 2021

How can we understand voluntary behavior without free will?

00:29:15September 20, 2021

Does aid to the developing world do more harm than good?

00:36:07September 20, 2021

Have your views about the risk of artificial general intelligence changed in recent years?

00:38:28September 20, 2021

What did you think of Simon Biles’s decision to drop out of the Olympics?

00:41:05September 20, 2021

How should Facebook and other social media platforms deal with the tradeoff between misinformation and censorship?

00:43:56September 20, 2021

Why are people so resistant to changing their beliefs?

00:46:10September 20, 2021