Vaccine Mandates, transgender athletes, billionaires… (AMA #19)

January 31, 2022

In this Ask Me Anything session, Sam answers the following questions:

Questions Answered

What is your position on vaccine mandates, school closures, etc.?

00:00:40January 31, 2022

Do you think painful memories remain painful because there is something left unresolved?

00:13:23January 31, 2022

How can you forgive a consequential lie?

00:18:08January 31, 2022

Can you clarify your plans to support effective altruism with NFTs?

00:20:53January 31, 2022

What are your views on transgender women in sports?

00:27:04January 31, 2022

How can we combat disinformation and misinformation coming from friends and family?

00:33:57January 31, 2022

You’ve said that we shouldn’t demonize billionaires, but is it really possible to become that wealthy without perpetuating the evils of capitalism?

00:38:32January 31, 2022

How do you guard yourself against cognitive bias?

00:46:42January 31, 2022

Can mindfulness provide relief in the case of extreme suffering (e.g. after the death of a child)?

00:50:58January 31, 2022