Ask Me Anything #3

February 12, 2016

Questions Answered

Sam shares his thoughts on Eiynah Nice Mango's "Open Letter to Sam Harris" alleging that Douglas Murray is a bigot.

00:00:57February 12, 2016

How should we differentiate labels used for clarity and labels used in a way that encourages tribalism?

00:03:03February 12, 2016

What about the idea of "free won't" as opposed to "free will"?

00:05:41February 12, 2016

Why are you planning to vote for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders?

00:09:45February 12, 2016

Sam shares his thoughts on Noam Chomsky's interview with Medhi Hasan on Al Jazeera.

00:15:12February 12, 2016

What was the most unexpected and or remarkable audience reaction during your recent tour of Australia?

00:22:03February 12, 2016

Which misrepresentation of your views are you most tired of defending?

00:27:16February 12, 2016

What does agency mean in the context of free will? Is the difference between involuntary and voluntary action only an indication of future behavior?

00:27:57February 12, 2016

Can you talk about the distinction between an intellectual understanding of the self as illusion and an experience of no self?

00:33:26February 12, 2016

What do you think about the recent deplatforming of Richard Dawkins by the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism?

00:37:19February 12, 2016

What is your economic perspective? You have seldom commented on this topic other than saying that you wished taxes to be raised on the rich. What in your view are the moral highs and lows are free market and socialist economies?

00:43:29February 12, 2016

Does your dismissal of the matters of corporatism and imperialism come from believing that they are insignificant factors in the conflict we are having with Islam–extreme Islam–or is it a tactical reaction to the lack of voice given to critiquing extreme Islam and its destructive effects?

00:47:41February 12, 2016

Do you think there are people in the world who cannot learn to meditate just as there are tone deaf people who cannot learn a musical instrument and still others will never learn to sing? Did you ever discuss meditation with Christopher Hitchens?

01:03:41February 12, 2016