Ask Me Anything #4

March 26, 2016

Questions Answered

Anxiety is a monster that is crippling and paralyzed and keeps you in a loop of debiliating negative emotions even when one desperately wants out. What are the causes? What can one do to help themselves? What steps big or small do you suggest?

00:10:00March 26, 2016

What are your thoughts on immortality or at least living a very very long time as pursued by researchers like Aubrey de Grey? Do you think it's possible? Do you think it's desirable?

00:18:04March 26, 2016

I remember you mentioning getting flack from Maajid about not liking hip hop. I'm curious. What sort of music you do listen to? Stravinsky, Radiohead, Enya?

00:20:45March 26, 2016

Why aren't your books translated into Arabic?

00:22:18March 26, 2016

Can you please do a podcast with Richard Lang, disciple and close friend of the late Douglas Harding about The Headless Way, the westernized version of dzogchen?

00:23:15March 26, 2016

What are your preferred news sources?

00:26:09March 26, 2016

I heard you say once before that the left has one advantage over the right in that it has a self correcting mechanism. Well, now that the left seems to be going off the deep end, we need those mechanisms.

00:27:01March 26, 2016

Did you find that the initial onset of your fame altered your sense of self/ego at all even temporarily? If so, how? Do you credit your background in meditation for helping you keep level headed?

00:30:59March 26, 2016

On stoicism, you said you were disappointed in how you handled some recent battles. What are your strategies moving forward to evolve and prepare when you suit up for the next one?

00:37:12March 26, 2016

Sam address request for his views on abortion.

00:41:39March 26, 2016

We're always hearing about how Iran was a relatively more liberal nation before the Islamic regimes took over. We hear about how the problem of radical Islam is relatively new in the world and that historically Islam was not as violent. If we grab that this is true, does this make religion more or less scary considering that apparently these violent interpretations can arise suddenly and possibly without historical context?

00:41:52March 26, 2016

Can you tell us anything about your upcoming book on artificial intelligence?

00:50:54March 26, 2016

What are your thoughts on the transgender debate?

00:52:28March 26, 2016

What is your position on male circumcision?

00:53:23March 26, 2016

What would you be working on if 9/11 hadn't happened and you hadn't written The End of Faith? How would your work be different?

00:54:47March 26, 2016