Ask Me Anything #6

February 15, 2017

Questions Answered

Any update on the project manager position?

00:05:40February 15, 2017

Sam addresses questions about conversation with Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist who was a guest on the podcast.

00:06:20February 15, 2017

What are your views on the so-called Muslim ban?

00:17:03February 15, 2017

Sam addresses questions about Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley.

00:19:50February 15, 2017

How do you think we can reasonably expect to break the echo chamber mentality and social media and online information? Do you think it's possible or do you expect our conversation to grow increasingly factionalized?

00:27:06February 15, 2017

Are you still giving $3,500 each month from the podcast to the Against Malaria Foundation as you spoke about in your podcast with Will MacAskill?

00:34:31February 15, 2017

One argument I've heard from someone who believes in God and an afterlife is that "energy can never be destroyed." I assume what is meant by this is that consciousness survives the body, as a soul perhaps. I think this is nonsense, but I don't really have a good enough comeback for it. What would your response be?

00:35:51February 15, 2017

What would you say to someone who claims that the humanities are an unnecessary waste of money because they have no immediate practical purpose and thus should not be taught at universities or given funds for research? I refer to subjects such as history, sociology, or philosophy.

00:39:59February 15, 2017

I'd like to hear your thoughts about the ethics of the anti-aging movement led by organizations such as the Sens Foundation, Human Longevity Inc., and so on.

00:43:09February 15, 2017

Have you read the criticisms on the Cogito [ergo sum]? You seem pretty obsessed with the fact that one can't argue with the existence of consciousness. Is consciousness really the best choice for an irrefutable proof?

00:50:44February 15, 2017

Would having a rational conversation about Islam still empower Islamists the same way the Trump-style rhetoric would?

00:53:26February 15, 2017

How much of morality–in your view–do we inherit from evolution?

00:58:45February 15, 2017

With large portions of society already arguing about what constitutes fake news, how will we handle future technology that makes these lines even more murky–for example, voice manipulating software or computer-generated facial expressions?

01:07:04February 15, 2017

I've heard you use the term zero-sum game when talking to guests on different subjects. Would you say that letting refugees into our country is not a zero-sum game?

01:09:26February 15, 2017

Are you open to doing a podcast with someone who voted for Trump?

01:14:00February 15, 2017

What should our policy be with respect to Muslim immigration?

01:21:27February 15, 2017