Practicing with Ease

A Conversation with Nikki Mirghafori

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April 13, 2022

In this conversation, Sam speaks with Nikki Mirghafori, who has the unusual distinction of being both a meditation teacher and an AI scientist. They begin by discussing Nikki’s childhood in Iran, and how surviving a series of emergencies gave her a visceral appreciation for the “preciousness of life.” 

Later, they talk about how to practice with ease and compassion, and they examine the finer points of Vipassana, or insight meditation—including ways the practice can cut through a traditional goal-oriented approach and, instead, reveal the freedom intrinsic to consciousness itself.

Nikki Mirghafori, PhD, is a Buddhist teacher and Artificial Intelligence scientist. She’s a lineage holder in the Theravada tradition, and serves on the Teachers Council and Board of Directors at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center.